1) Reproduce previous experiments and beyond



* CH3COOH Pyruvate

* Catalytic efficiencies of His and Cys in the TCA cycle

2) Demonstration of non-enzymatic metabolism core from C2 to C5

* Acetate Pyruvate

* Pyruvate Oxaloacetate

* Oxaloacetate Malate

* Malate Fumarate

* Fumarate Succinate

* Succinate -ketoglutarate

3) Production of biological building blocks

* Pyruvate Ala and ribose

* Oxaloacetate Asp Amino acids and pyrimidines

* Succinate pyrroles

* -ketoglutarate (C5) Glu Amino acids


We attempt to understand how the Earth has systematically produced building blocks of life through geochemical processes. To understand the geochemical system in the Hadean Earth, we have performed laboratory experiments of prebiotic synthesis and analyzed the results from the viewpoint of systems chemistry. Particularly, we closely collaborate with geologists and geochemists and focus on specific environmental conditions on the Hadean Earth.



Proto metabolism experiment using ultra-violet rays