Introduction to the Graduate Programme in Earth-Life Science


In April 2022, ELSI established a new graduate programme in Earth-Life Science. This is one of the few integrated five-year Masters-PhD programmes provided fully in English in Japan. Students will receive both a Master’s degree and a PhD degree upon completion (upon completion of both a Master’s and PhD dissertation and defence in the second year and fifth years, respectively). ELSI has a target to accept up to 10 students per year (~5 Japanese, 5 international1) with financial support available (vide infra). Students will be affiliated with and formally supervised an ELSI Principal Investigator2 (PI) from one of the following departments:


-Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS)

-Department of Life Science and Technology (LST)

-Department of Chemical Science and Engineering (CSE)


1. International students are defined as those eligible to live in Japan on a student visa.

2. Students may also be co-supervised by an ELSI Associate Principal Investigator (API).


For more information please visit ELSI Graduate Course website.