Lecture by Associate Professor Shawn McGlynn<


ELSI Annual Public Lecture 2024 ‘A Mission to Earth’ was held on 1 February.  Associate Professor Shawn McGlynn (ELSI) and Assistant Professor Mayumi Seto (Nara Women’s University) gave lectures. (For more details of the event, please visit here.


A session by Assistant Professor Mayumi Seto


From left: ELSI’s Specially Appointed Associate Professor Naohiro Terasaka, who was a moderator of this event, Assistant Professor Mayumi Seto, and Associate Professor Shawn McGlynn


The lecture videos are now available on ELSI YouTube (Audio: available only in the original languages.)


How much do we really know about life on Earth? 

Shawn McGlynn (Associate Professor, ELSI)



How does life connect cell and Earth energy?

Mayumi Seto (Assistant Professor, Nara Women’s University)