ELSI Annual Public Lecture 2023 ‘Hayabusa2: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life’ was held on 18 January.  Associate Professor Elizabeth Tasker  (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)) and Specially Appointed Associate Professor Hiroyuki Kurokawa (ELSI) gave lectures.



From left: Specially Appointed Associate Professor Hiroyuki Kurokawa, Associate Professor Elizabeth Tasker, and ELSI’s Associate Professor Kosuke Fujishima, who was a moderator of this event.




The lecture videos are now available on ELSI YouTube (Audio: available only in the original languages.)


What is the Hayabusa2 mission? The journey to bring home a piece of our past 

Elizabeth Tasker, Associate Professor, JAXA




How was the planet of life born?

Hiroyuki Kurokawa (Specially Appointed Associate Professor, ELSI)