ELSI selected Madoka Naito as the ‘ELSI Science-Art Resident’ for FY2022. Madoka Naito is an artist from Okinawa who explores humans’ innate creativity and uniqueness as nature. Her works embrace the organic flow of life, chaos and harmony, while reflecting a fundamental truth she acquired during her travels: as beings of nature, all humans are fundamentally the same, yet each of us is entirely unique.

The collaboration explores and expand the framework of the science language through active discussions and exchange of perceptions between the artist and researchers about life, earth and universe, and a workshop that reflects the discussions.


coffee, pen, watercolor pencil, acid free paper, 410x318mm, 2021. Image credit: Madoka Naito.



charcoal, oil pastel, water color ink, acrylic, watercolor pencil, graphite, acid free paper, 410x318mm, Château d’Orquevaux, Champagne Ardenne France, 2021. Image credit: Madoka Naito.



watercolor, acrylic, gesso, plaster, oil pastel, watercolor pencil, diatomaceous earth, cotton cloth, 1700x2600mm, 2020. Image credit: Madoka Naito.



Madoka Naito

Madoka Naito, ELSI Science-Art Resident (FY2022)