Kayo Nomura was selected as the ELSI Artist in Resident for the ‘ELSI Science-Art Project’ of FY2023. Kayo is an artist based in Hokkaido, Japan, focusing on ‘Dialogue Drawing’ methodology for her creative process. The science-art collaboration will focus on the theme ‘complex systems’ in the Origins of Life – an area of ELSI research scope. The collaboration will explore and expand the perspectives that derive from science into art and vice versa.



Kayo Nomura is fast emerging as one the new and most dynamic, innovative abstract painters to arrive in some time. Self-taught, her work includes contemporary abstract painting provoking the sense, commercial product branding and what is believed to be a new genre – Dialogue Drawing, i.e. DD. In DD, Kayo engages private clients in personal, therapeutic-like dialogues from which a personal painting is created for the client, reflecting the revitalizing interplay of the dialogue.
An abstract painter extraordinaire, one of her many mesmerizing talents includes Live Painting. Here, Kayo paints before audiences. The viewers witness, in awe, the transformation of her, the canvas and the paint becoming moving as one. Her brush and chosen colours grace the canvas instinctively with the physicality and elegance of a seasoned ballerina. It is both breathtaking and transformational to behold.


“Color Degree” with watercolor, ink, acrylics, color pencil, pen on paper, W600 × H1000, 2021. Image credit: Kayo Nomura.



“Diving into Me” with watercolor, acrylics,  ink, pen, crayon on paper, W600 × H1000, 2022. Image credit: Kayo Nomura.


“Sound of Universe” with acrylics, oil pastel, ink on cloth chair, W735 × D870 × H930,2022. Image credit: Kayo Nomura.




Website: https://kayo-nomura.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kayonomura_/