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Bringing together Japanese and international perspectives on science communication and engagement


The Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan  Credit: ELSI and Falling Walls Engage


The Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan will be launched in October 2022 to bring together Japanese and International perspectives and practices on science communication and engagement. The Hub Japan is hosted and coordinated by the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) and Japan SciCom Forum (JSF) with the support of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST).


The Hub Japan will be launched with a series of events in Tokyo and Okinawa from 17 – 21 October. Starting with the inaugural event at the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) in Tokyo on 17 October, it focuses on researchers, science communication and engagement practitioners, students and teachers from universities and schools, and the publics.


“The Falling Walls Engage Hubs bring together an international community of Science Engagers and Communicators and connect communities of practice from around the world. The Engage Hubs facilitate a global dialogue on important challenges in Science, Society, and Science Engagement through regional and local perspectives,” said Niklas Marzinek, Project Manager at Falling Walls Engage.


The Falling Walls Engage Hubs aim to build a global community of Science Engagers and organisations connecting Science Engagement networks worldwide. The objective is to enable a global dialogue around key issues and challenges in Science Engagement through regional perspectives while facilitating the building of sustainable partnerships. With nine active Engage Hubs since 2020, the international Hub network has recently expanded in Mexico and will officially launch in Japan and South Africa in October and November 2022.


“We are very excited to welcome Japan into our growing Hub network. With the launch of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan together with ELSI, we are looking forward to exploring new opportunities to work together and strengthen ties with the existing Engage Hubs in Sweden, Greece, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Kenya, South Africa, and Australia” said Milena Salci, Project Manager at Falling Walls Engage.


As a growing network, the Engage Hubs translate into a series of in-person and virtual activities, from community building and activation events to public science showcases. The Hub activities are aimed at three main target groups: practitioners, researchers and science-related institutions, and the general publics.


“I’m excited to lead the efforts of the Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan through ELSI and Japan SciCom Forum. It is a great opportunity to expand local science communication and engagement efforts internationally,” said Thilina Heenatigala, Director of Communications, Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), Tokyo.


More information:

Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan https://fwjapan.elsi.jp/

Falling Walls Engage https://falling-walls.com/engage/



The Falling Walls Engage Hub Japan Logo   Credit: ELSI and Falling Walls Engage



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Tokyo Institute of Technology
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