The May 2024 edition of the Space Cafe Tokyo will feature ELSI visiting postdoctoral researcher Dr. Danilo Albergaria (Leiden University) presenting: Philosophical and Historical Perspectives on Solar System Formation Theories


The history of theories on the origins of the Solar System – now developed into the full-blown science of planetary systems formation – betrays the tortuous and unexpected ways with which science makes progress. Dr. Danilo Albergaria (Leiden University) will discuss the philosophical and historical perspective on stellar-planetary-systems formation concepts.


Speaker info:

Danilo Albergaria postdoctoral at Astronomy & Society Group at the Leiden University researching how astrobiology is being portrayed in the media. Dr. Albergaria has a diverse background as a teacher (in Brazil), science journalist, and a PhD in Philosophy of Science. His approach for science and society is to think, inquire, write, talk, share.
Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024
Time: 20:00 (doors open at 19:30)
Venue: Good Heavens, Shimokitazawa


Space Cafe Tokyo is hosted by members of ELSI, Kavli-IPMU, UTokyo, and NAOJ. Space Cafe Tokyo brings science a bit closer to the public in a cosy environment in Shimokitazawa. The event is held monthly where we invite experts, scholars, and students in the field of space/astronomy-related to present a research project or a topic that they are working on.