Name Genda, Hidenori
Position Principal Investigator (Professor)
Research Field Planet formation
E-mail genda_at_elsi.jp
Web Page https://members.elsi.jp/~genda/index.html
Google Scholar Profile https://scholar.google.co.jp/citations?user=mK79fiIAAAAJ&oi=ao


Best Presentation Award at Fall Meeting of Japan Society of Planetary Science (2003)  

Research Interests

My research interest is the origins of the characteristics of planets. I have researched to clarify how the characteristics of planets formed and evolved. For example, there is a different in size among the planets in our solar system, and the atmospheric composition and amount of the Earth are totally different from those of Venus despite the similarity of their planetary size. Moreover, the Earth has the ocean, and life emerged and evolved on it. My research goal is to understand how these characteristics formed. Recently, many planets beyond our solar system have been discovered. The variety of these exoplanets is found to be wider than that of the planets in our solar system. We are now at the stage of being able to understand what is the uniqueness or universality in the Earth.

My research approach is a blend of theory and computer simulation. It is impossible that we include all the processes hidden in nature into theory or computer simulation. Therefore, the most important thing is to extract the important processes from the nature. It is important to daily discuss with researchers who are in various research fields and approaches. ELSI is the best place where I can do so. Here I will do my best to answer the ultimate question “Why did life emerge and evolve?”