Dohm, James M.

Dohm, James M.
氏 名
Dohm, James M.
役 職
Affiliated Scientist(東京大学)



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I have worked on geological and paleohydrological investigations at local to global scales for Earth, the Moon, Mars, and Venus. I have extensive field experience coupled with more than 25 years of experience with Mars-related geological research, which includes 12 years as assistant coordinator to the NASA-based Mars and Venus Programs (MGM and VGM, respectively), now known as the Planetary Mapping Program. In addition, I have been recently involved with the development and implementation of future autonomous satellite and rover missions as a science team member of the Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment, the Life in the Atacama Rover Field Experiment, and the Nomad Rover Atacama Field Experiment. I have also been involved with Sensor Web activities. During this Golden Age of Space Exploration Education & Discovery (SEED), I look forward to pouring out into the interdisciplinary and international ELSI effort which will bear tremendous fruit. Our collective team efforts will provide: (1) a new classification of planets, satellites, and history of planetary evolution, (2) a new classification of habitable planets (Habitable Trinity), (3) a model for the origin of atmosphere and ocean on primordial Earth, (4) an index of a habitable planet (as a road map), (5) a new perspective and systemization of Astrobiology, (6) foundational information to select prime targets for future science-driven missions, and (7) positively perturbing future generation (i.e., our children and grand children) and sharing the optimism of a bright and promising future (what is a truly wonderful golden age this is and what opportunities lie on the near- and far-term horizons for upcoming generations).