Shawn McGlynn

Shawn McGlynn
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Shawn McGlynn
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NASA Early Career Fellowship Award, 2014
Agouron Post-Doctoral Scholar, Caltech 2012
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Keywords: microbial interactions, metalloproteins, early life and its emergence, stable isotope techniques, microbial ecology
My interests stem from my basic curiosity to understand matter and energy relationships in biological processes, especially those that may lead to insights into how life started. Current projects seek to investigate hydrogen oxidation and carbon reduction in hydrothermal vent simulation experiments, the sulfur isotope fractionation factors of the enzymes involved in microbial dissimilatory sulfate reduction, and direct interspecies electron transfer as a mechanism of syntrophic metabolic coupling. Other topics include the microbial ecology of hot springs in Japan with relevance to early ocean chemistry, and metal abundance distributions across microbial taxa.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss research on these topics, or others at ELSI!