International Workshop "Reconstructing the Phenomenon of Life -To Retrace the Emergence of Life -"

The questions about what kind of pre-life form had led to the formation of a cell prototype more than 4 billion years ago, and how these developed into primitive cells are the central theme in the study of the Origin of Life. Trying to reconstruct the phenomenon of life by creating a simple living cell is important because it is synonymous with retracing the process of the emergence of life. By this approach, we may practically understand the hierarchical dynamics in life and may find a universal principle that is common to life. In this workshop there will be several important keynote speakers and young researchers who will present their latest findings from tackling these questions with constructive approaches. This workshop also aims to encourage Origin of Life researchers for many generations.

Date & Venue

Date: May 31, 2017
Venue: ELSI-1 Main Hall, Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), Tokyo Institute of Technology,
Ookayama, Meguroku, Tokyo, Japan

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This workshop is a satellite event of International Conference : The Origin of Life -Synergy among the RNA, Protein, and Lipid Worlds


Keynote Speakers
Jack W. Szostak (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Harvard University)
David Deamer (University of California, Santa Cruz)
Irene Chen (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Sudha Rajamani (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune)

Program Abstract(PDF) --Updated May19

08:30 -09:00 Reception

09:00 -09:05 "Opening Remark" Kei Hirose (ELSI Director)
09:05 -09:10 "Introduction" Yutetsu Kuruma (Organizer; ELSI)
09:10 -09:50 "Hydrothermal vents or hydrothermal fields: Where can life begin?" David Deamer (Univ. of California)
09:50 -10:30 "The Origin of Cellular Life " Jack Szostak (Harvard Univ.)

10:30 -10:50 Coffee Break

10:50 -11:20 "Informational molecules of a pre-RNA World" Sudha Rajamani (IISER, PUNE)
11:20 -11:50 "Fitness landscapes in the RNA World" Irene Chen (Univ. of California)

11:50 -13:20 Lunch at ELSI-2 Lounge (& Photo Shoot)

13:20 -13:50 "Evolutional history of Hadean surface environment and three step model for the emergence of first life" Shigenori Maruyama (ELSI)
13:50 -14:20 "Radiolytic Synthesis of RNA Precursors" Albert Fahrenbach (ELSI;Harvard Univ.)
14:20 -14:50 "Strategy for origin of life research using chemical artificial cells" Kensuke Kurihara (Institute for Molecular Science)

14:50 -15:10 Coffee Break

15:10 -15:40 "Concentrating cell extract to reveal relation between macromolecular concentration and biological activity" Kei Fujiwara(Keio Univ.)
15:40 -16:10 "Evolution of a liposomal artificial cell through repetitive destruction-reproduction cycles" Takeshi Sunami (Osaka Univ.)

16:10 -16:20 Coffee Break

16:20 -17:20 Discussion with Invited Speakers
17:20 -17:25 "Closing" Yutetsu Kuruma

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Registration Deadline: May 8th <May 15th> 00:00(JST) , 2017
Subject to availability of seats in the venue and should the demand exceeded the supply, drawing lots will be arranged to decide the priority on participation. We will notify you with a confirmation email.


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