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Ida, Shigeru

Ida, Shigeru
Ida, Shigeru
Principal Investigator (Associate Director, Professor)
Planet formation


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Main Publication List and Awards

1.Ida, S., Lin, D. N. C. & Nagasawa, M. 2013. Toward a Deterministic Model of Planetary Formation. VII. Eccentricity Distribution of Gas Giants Astrophys. J. 775, article id. 42, 25 pp.Hasegawa, Y. & Ida, S. 2013, Do Giant Planets Survive Type II Migration? Astrophys. J. 774, article id. 146, 9 pp.

2.Nagasawa, M., Ida, S. & Bessho, T. 2008. Formation of Hot Planets by a Combination of Planet Scattering, Tidal Circularization, and the Kozai Mechanism. Astrophys. J. 678, 498-508

3.Ida, S. & D. N. C. Lin 2004. Toward a Deterministic Model of Planetary Formation. I. a Desert in the Mass and Semi Major Axis Distributions of Extra Solar Planets. Astrophys. J. 604, 388-413.

4.Kokubo, E. and S. Ida 1998. Oligarchic growth of protoplanets. Icarus 131, 171-178.

5.Ida, S., R. M. Canup, and G. R. Stewart, 1997. Lunar accretion from an impact-generated disk. Nature 389, 353-357.

6.Chushiro Hayashi prize, 2006: Theoretical study of planet formation

Research Interests

We theoretically study formation and evolution of planets in our Solar system and extrasolar planets. The targets are protoplanenetary disks, dust in the disks, planetesimals, terrestrial planets, gas giants, planetary atmosphere, satellites, minor bodies. We usually adopt methods of numerical experiments such as gravitational N-body and hydrodynamical simulations. We also collaborate with observers of disks and extrasolar planets. Recnetly, we also discuss life on extrasolar habitable planets from a point of view of astrophysics and planetary science.