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Kurokawa, Hiroyuki

Kurokawa, Hiroyuki
Kurokawa, Hiroyuki
Research Scientist
Planetary science


Main Publication List and Awards

4. Kurokawa, H., Sato, M., Ushioda, M., Matsuyama, T., Moriwaki, R., Dohm, J. M., and Usui, T. (2014), Evolution of water reservoirs on Mars: Constraints from hydrogen isotopes in martian meteorites, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 394, 179-185.

3. Kurokawa, H. and Nakamoto, T. (2014), Mass-loss Evolution of Close-In Exoplanets: Evaporation of Hot Jupiters and the Effect on Population, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 783, ID: 54.

2. Kurokawa, H. and Kaltenegger, L. (2013), Atmospheric mass loss and evolution of short-period exoplanets: the examples of CoRoT-7b and Kepler-10b, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 433, Issue 4, 3239-3245.

1. Kurokawa, H. and Nakamoto, T. (2012), Effects of Atmospheric Absorption of Incoming Radiation on Radiation Limit of the Troposphere, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, Volume 69, 403-413.

Research Interests

I theoretically study formation and evolution of planetary atmospheres. My current targets are Earth, Mars, and extrasolar planets. I also adopt comparisons between my theoretical predictions and results of observations, explorations, and experiments through collaborations with researchers from other scientific disciplines. These studies on planetary surface environments are crucial to understand the origin of life on the Earth and origins of life on other planets.