Research & Activities


Petrie, Katherine L.

Petrie, Katherine L.
Petrie, Katherine L.
Affiliated Scientist (University of California, San Diego)
Experimental Evolution & Synthetic Biology

Main Publication List and Awards

3. Katherine L. Petrie, Daniel Johnson, Stephanie J. Yan, Justin R. Meyer (In preparation) Protein destabilizing mutations encode phenotypic stochasticity critical for an evolutionary innovation.

2. Katherine L. Petrie, Gerald F. Joyce (2014) Limits of neutral drift: Lessons from the in vitro evolution of two ribozymes. Journal of Molecular Evolution 79, 75-90. recommended in F1000Prime doi: 10.3410/f.718545195.793499713

1. Katherine L. Petrie, Gerald F. Joyce (2010) Deep sequencing analysis of mutations resulting from the incorporation of dNTP analogs. Nucleic Acids Research 38, 8095-8104.


NIH Training Grant in Molecular Evolution, 2009–2012

Research Interests

The origin of life as the emergence of complex, reproducing, open-ended systems was enabled by evolutionary forces. By combining top-down analysis of evolution at work in modern organisms with bottom-up construction of synthetic evolving systems, I will explore the factors that drive and shape these evolutionary forces.

I am especially interested in experimentally understanding how parasites - including viral parasites of cellular organisms as well as selfish genetic elements in molecular self-replicating systems - may contribute to the evolution of complexity.

In addition to parasite coevolution as a driving evolutionary force during the origin and early evolution of life, am also interested in understanding what forces may drive the emergence and evolution of evolvability.