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Irifune, Tetsuo

Irifune, Tetsuo
Irifune, Tetsuo
Principal Investigator (Professor, Ehime University)
Solid earth material science


Main Publication List and Awards

Main Publication List

1. T. Irifune, T. Shinmei, C.A. McCammon, N. Miyajima, D.C. Rubie, D.J. Frost, Iron partitioning and density changes of pyrolite in Earth’s lower mantle, Science 327, 193-195, 2010.

2. T. Irifune, Y. Higo, T. Inoue, Y. Kono, H. Ohfuji and K. Funakoshi, Sound velocities of majorite garnet and the composition of the mantle transition region, Nature, 451, 814-817, 2008.

3. T. Irifune, A. Kurio, S. Sakamoto, T. Inoue and H. Sumiya, Ultrahard polycrystalline diamnd from graphite, Nature, 421, 599-600, 2003.

4. T. Irifune, N. Nishiyama, K. Kuroda, T. Inoue, M. Isshiki, W. Utsumi, K. Funakoshi, S. Urakawa, T. Uchida, T. Katsura and O. Ohtaka, The postspinel phase boundary in Mg2SiO4 determined by in situ X-ray diffraction, Science, 279, 1698-1700, 1998.

5. T. Irifune and M. Isshiki, Iron partitioning in a pyrolite mantle and nature of the 410 km seismic discontinuity, Nature, 392, 702-705, 1998.


1998 Mineralogical Society of Japan Award

1999 Plenary Lecturer, AIRAPT-17, Honolulu

2002 Plenary Lecturer, IMA, Edinburgh

2004 Ishikawa Carbon Prize

2007 Research Award of Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy

2007 Alexander von Humboldt Research Award

2008 Fellow of American Geophysical Uion

2010 The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology Award

2011 Plenary Lecturer, AIRAPT-23, Munbai

Research Interests

T. Irifune has been studiying the mineralogy, density, and elastic wave velocities of subducting slabs and surrounding mantle using multianvil high-pressure technology. He has been extensively working on the behaviors of pyrolite, oceanic basalt, harzburgite, marine sediments, and relevant minerals with simpler compositions based on both quench and in situ X-ray observations, to understand the composition and dynamics of the slab and the mantle. He has also been working on the application of multianvil technology to the synthesis of novel ultarhard materials, such as nano-polycrystalline diamond (or HIME-diamond), which is known to be the world hardest bulk material.

As the leader of Ehime Satellite (ELSI-ES), he particularly focuses on the chemical composition of lower mantle, behaviors of water in the deep mantle, and thermal evolution of the Earth interior etc. to provide some important constraints on the chemical composition of bulk Earth and hence differentiation and evolution processes of the solid Earth, which are vital to understand the origins of Earth and life.