Development of New Format of Scientific Contents with Different Levels of Accuracy-Readability Trade-offs

How can we deal with dilemma between accuracy and readability of scientific information in the area of education, PR, and other communication?
If we try to communicate scientific information as understandable, we often lose accuracy. On the contrary, if we try to communicate scientific information as accurate, we often lose readability instead.

AR Index fig.1E.JPG

Dilemma forever? How in the world could we solve the problem? How could we achieve a good balance between accuracy and readability? Which should we prioritize? Accurate description, readable one or intermediate one?

Thus, we introduced new solution to deliver "all of them simultaneously". We provided readers with 5 different articles with multi-level writing criteria, where you can find different accuracy-readability trade-offs. The trade-off is named "AR(Accuracy-Readability) Index", which is the extent to put priority on readability rather than accuracy (from 5 to 1). The index enables us to deliver contents with multiple trade-offs simultaneously as a package to readers for a single scientific topic.

AR Index fig.2E.JPG

AR Index has the following advantages.

1. You can find which layer(=AR Index) of the content you are reading. AR Index works as a meta information or "tag".

2. You can find other layers with different AR Indexes.

3. You can move to other layers through links if the current layer doesn't match your needs and conditions.

AR Index fig.3E.JPG

Now ELSI PR room developed a prototype for the format by making use of the following paper written by ELSI researchers et al.

Title: Crystallization of silicon dioxide and compositional evolution of the Earth's core

Authors: Kei Hirose, Guillaume Morard, Ryosuke Sinmyo, Koichio Umemoto, John Hernlund, George Helffrich & Stéphane Labrosse

Bibliographic information: Nature 543, 99-102 (02 March 2017)


- Original article

- Press Release by ELSI

You can find the plototype of the newly developed format at the following URL.

New format of scientific articles with multi-layered contents - Dealing with accuracy-readability trade-offs by using multi-level writing criteria

ELSI plans to brush up the format and is willing to share it with other research institutes in order to develop better science communication in the society.