Research Highlights

Prof. Kei Hirose and Prof. Tetsuo Irifune elected for JpGU Fellow FY2017

JpGU announced that Director, Prof. Kei Hirose and Prof. Tetsuo Irifune were elected for JpGU Fellow FY2017. The ceremony will be held on May 23th, 2017 during Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU) Meeting.


Prof.(Director) Kei Hirose

For outstanding contributions to understanding of the structure, dynamics and evolution of the Earth's deep interior through determination of physical and chemical properties of the mantle and core materials under ultrahigh pressure-temperature conditions


Prof. Tetsuo Irifune
For outstanding contributions to high-pressure Earth sciences, especially in deep mantle mineralogy and dynamics of subducted slab materials using ultrahigh-pressure experiments.