Event Report

Prof. Maruyama and Prof. Hara gave lectures at public lecture "Hakuba to Kagakuno Kiseki episode 2 (Hakuba and Miracle...


Public lecture of "Hakuba to Kagakuno Kiseki episode 2 (Hakuba and Miracle of Science episode 2)" Let's learn more about miraculous relations of Hakubahappo hot springs and birth of life" sponsored by Hadean Bioscience was held in Hakuba village, Nagano prefecture on 15 Oct 2017. Prof. Maruyama and Prof. Hara made speeches at the public lecture.

It was the second time to hold a public lecture in Hakuba. We took this opportunity to introduce researches conducted in Hakuba to local people. Not only people at different age groups attended the lecture but also we had the cooperation of local high school students this time.

During the lecture

Hakuba20171015_Pr.Maruyama.JPGProf. Maruyama

Hakuba20171015_Pr.Hara.JPGProf. Hara
Hakuba20171015_Q&A.JPGThe speakers answer quesions from audience.
Even after the lectures, participants were talking to the speakers extending their gratitude.