JGU Outreach Event "Let's make a planet using dough clay!"

JGU Outreach Event "Let's make a planet using dough clay!" was held on 16th September at ELSI Gallery for elementary school students from the fourth grade through sixth grade.

At the beginning of the event, Dr. Yoshida delivered an opening address and explained about JGU and ELSI.

Dr. Yoshida.jpg

(Photo) Dr. Yoshida

Then, Dr. Usui gave a lecture on the Earth, Mercury and Mars and explained how to make planets with dough clay. Then the participants decided on one of the three planets to make a dough clay planet.

Dr. Usui.jpg(Photo) Dr. Usui

First of all, they made dough clay by mixing flour and water. Then the dough clay was divided into three parts: the core, the mantle and the crust and colored with three different colors.

Wrapping core.jpg

(Photo) Wrapping core with mantle

One of the divided clay was shaped into a small ball to make the core and then the core was covered with the mantle and the mantle with the crust.

The finished planets were cut into two exact halves with string to compare and observe the inside of each planet.


(Photo) Cut planets into halves

Even the parents joined and made planets and they seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

We hope the event will be of use to learn the planets and the participants will have an interest in the planets, the universe and science more than ever through the event.