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How to access ELSI RedMine

How to access the redmine server on ELSI

When you are in the ELSI(VBL and INC building) or the Earth and Planetary science, faculty of Tokyo tech, You can access from the following address.

http://redmine.elsi.jp/ or https://redmine.elsi.jp/

If you are in somewhere else,
the following command uses an ssh port forwarding function.
ssh your_user_name@redmine.elsi.jp -L8080:localhost:80
You can access from the following address by a browser, while connection is maintained,


If you want the access from the outside, please send the administorator (comp-admin - at - elsi.jp) a message, with your elsi.jp username, with ssh public key as an attachment.

If you have any question/request concerning the computer network within ELSI, please contact comp-admin or Noda-san or Sato-san (room 403).