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Student Entrance and Selection

ELSI affiliated Tokyo Tech Faculty are now accepting students to be supervised jointly through cooperation with Tokyo Tech Departments. The official language is in English.

Prospective students should first contact an ELSI Faculty* in advance of the application due date (see below), sending a C.V and research statement. Following contact, we may interview you with Skype online. If you are already applying for a scholarship, you can contact us at information_at_elsi.jp for further information.

*List of ELSI Faculty to supervise students at the Masters and PhD level
 Ramon Brasser (Associate Professor, Planetary Science)
 Jim Cleaves (Associate Professor, Geochemistry)
 Hidenori Genda (Associate Professor, Planet Formation)
 John Hernlund (Professor, Geophysical Modeling)
 Shigeru Ida (Professor, Planet Formation)
 Irena Mamajanov (Professor, Astrobiology)
 Shawn McGlynn (Associate Professor, Evolutionary Biochemistry, Microbiology)
 Takayuki Saitoh (Associate Professor, Galaxy Formation)
 Eric Smith (Professor, Complex Systems)
 Tomohiro Usui (Associate Professor, Geo- and Cosmo-Chemistry)

General information for students including scholarships can be found at: http://www.titech.ac.jp/english/enrolled/

It is possible that research assistantships will be available for some students to conduct research at the institute.
Together with an ELSI Faculty*, prospective students should select a Department and Major course of study, which must be indicated at the time of application to the University.
*Some ELSI members accept students as a cosupervisor with other faculty members.

 ▶▶ Reference Link: Young Researchers at ELSI

International students enter through the International Graduate Program (IGP) according to the below timetable:

Examination category

Application Guide Available

Contact ELSI (ASAP)

Application Deadline

Notification of Results

Admission Period


[Overseas Application]

Early Sep

Oct 31

Mid Dec

Mid Mar

Late Sep


[Overseas Application]

Early Sep

Oct 1

Early Nov

Late Dec

Early Apr

Late Mar

Apr 1

Mid May


Late Sep


[Domestic Application]

Early May

June 1

Early July

Early Sep

Late Sep

Examination Schedule:
The table above is for reference. For details, please refer to the latest application guide and information about the above programs.

Admissions contact Email: ryugakusei_at_jim.titech.ac.jp


✔︎ Select your supervisor(s), department and major course at the time of application. Students gain entrance to this department/course.

✔︎ Pass its official entrance exams (interview). The style of this is determined by the department to which you apply.

✔︎ Earn enough credits, complete thesis in order to be awarded a degree from the department

ELSI promotes interdisciplinary research and ensures active Faculty mentorship from the beginning of the degree program. Students can participate in ELSI's regular reading groups, Winter School, and symposium.

More info ELSI contact Email: information_at_elsi.jp