About ELSI


Message from the President


The Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) was launched in 2012 with generous support from the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI), MEXT, and in just a few years ELSI has grown into a fully formed and mature institution. We at Tokyo Tech are proud of the accomplishments of ELSI, which include a highly successful recruiting strategy, the establishment of a global collaborative network of world-leading scholars, and a genuinely international environment that welcomes researchers from all over the world. ELSI is intended to be a role model for the university as a whole, and forms a key part of my vision for Tokyo Tech to become a top global university.

ELSI is now established as a permanent independent institute, and operates directly under the Tokyo Tech president. ELSI has grown into its own custom-made buildings and laboratory facilities, designed by a Tokyo Tech architecture team in a style that reflects the international fusion that regularly occurs in the institute. I am also impressed that ELSI members have attracted a large amount and variety of external funding, including a large private foundation grant of US$5.5M (in total over 3 years) from abroad. This great beginning gives us confidence that ELSI will continue to grow and enhance its vigorous activities long after the initial WPI grant period expires.

Seeing how far ELSI has come in these five years, I am excited by our shared future. Let's continue to rise together.